Administrative Intern

MTWichita hires an Administrative Intern for the Summer season. A prospective intern should be detail-oriented and committed to learning about the day-to-day workings of a theatre. Primary responsibilities will include answering patron questions via phone and providing general support to the year-round staff of nine. Duties will fall into the categories of marketing, press relations, company management, finance, and development. There will be ample opportunities outside regular business hours to observe rehearsals or productions.

The Administrative Intern performs critical functions during a fast-paced summer season. It is expected that an intern will have a well-developed understanding of a not-for-profit theater and how it functions at the end of the internship. The intern is very involved with special event production, as well as donor and patron relations.

This Internship comes with a weekly stipend of $350, and a small housing/travel allowance is available if you are not based in Wichita.