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Newsies, MTWichita 2017

Wichita Eagle: 2019 Season Announcement

Music Theatre Wichita on Wednesday announced its 2019 summer season, complete with traditional musicals and one fresh from Broadway. Read more>

Review: "Seeing MTW’s ‘The Little Mermaid’? Expect nonstop fun on stage"

Life truly is better under the sea. At least that’s what you’ll leave Music Theatre Wichita’s “The Little Mermaid” thinking. The show, which runs this weekend and next at Century II’s Concert Hall, is a delight from start to finish — a colorful, sparkly affair that is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the ear. Read more>

MTWichita receives two Kansas Creative Arts and Industries Commission Grants

Summer 2018

This year Music Theatre Wichita received two grants from the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission. In anticipation of MTWichita's 50th anniversary, in 2021, the organization digitzed more than two decades worth of archival footage. 


Additionally, MTWichita received a grant to support its Festival Producer program. The first Festival Producer, Roy Lightner, is creating a series of ancillary events for our community, many of which are educational in nature. 

The Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission is dedicated to measuring, promoting, supporting and expanding the creative industries to grow the state's economy and create creative industry-related jobs.

Review: 'Beauty and the Beast' will sweep you up in wonder

Catherine Charlebois has the perfect Disney princess voice as she makes her Music Theatre Wichita debut as Belle in “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast,” the long-awaited and sold-out encore after 12 years. Read more>

Music Theatre Wichita's swinging singer a social media hit

Carrie Rengers, Wichita Eagle

Music Theatre Wichita always gets a lot of attention in the summer months when it stages five productions every 10 days, but this week the theater had a social media first. A video that producing artistic director Wayne Bryan put on Facebook of “Nice Work If You Can Get It” cast member Karen L. Robu simultaneously swinging from a chandelier and hitting some high notes passed 8,500 views within three days. Read more>

Review: 'Nice Work' makes nice work of onstage slapstick

Music Theatre Wichita kicked off its 45th summer season with a big serving of dessert first. “Nice Work If You Can Get It,” a new 1920s-style musical concocted from vintage Gershwin songs, is a frothy, delicious delight that has a surprise in every spoonful. Read more>

Review: Music Theatre Wichita's "Big Fish" a Dazzling Spectacle

Bob Curtright, Wichita Eagle

"This is the lavish spectacle that we come to live theater to see." Read more>

Review: Music Theatre Wichita's Pinocchio a real charmer

Bob Curtright, Wichita Eagle

Yes, of course, Pinocchio is adorable (well, ultimately) and Geppetto is expectedly kindly and fatherly (mostly). But a fabulously feisty Blue Fairy – unlike the bland beauty of Disney’s 1940 classic animation – comes on like a chirpy, aria-soaring, tap-dancing dynamo who is hilariously over-protective of her magical reputation. She is the unexpected comic spice that makes Disney’s “My Son Pinocchio” an over-the-top delight. Read more>

Actress, Music Theatre Wichita return to "Aida"

Bob Curtright, Wichita Eagle

Elton John and Tim Rice’s award-winning, hot-ticket “Aida” was the very first show that Broadway hopeful Zakiya Young saw when she moved to New York from her Philadelphia hometown. Read more>

KMUW: Interview with Andrew Lippa

Sean Sandefur, KMUW

Music Theatre Wichita has named Big Fish among its productions for 2015. The story centers on tall tales and a strained relationship between a father and son. KMUW’s Sean Sandefur has this look into the Big Fish story and its music. Listen here>

Broadway Radio Podcast: Interview with Wayne Bryan

Peter Filichia, James Marino and Michael Portantiere talk with Wayne Bryan, Producing Artistic Director, Music Theatre Wichita, about the upcoming 2015 season. Listen here>

Broadway Radio Podcast: Music Theatre Wichita says Catch Me If You Can

Listen to Peter Filichia, James Marino, and Michael Portantiere talk about Music Theatre Wichita’s production of Catch Me If You Can. Read more>

Review: 42nd Street is frothy fun

Bob Curtright, Wichita Eagle

When the opening number proves to be a wall-to-wall, tap-happy showstopper that makes you want to leap to your feet, you know you’re in for a great time. Such is “42nd Street,” the cherry on top of the cake of Music Theatre Wichita’s 43rd season. Read more>

Filichia Features: "Catch Me If You Can" Can Indeed Succeed

Peter Filichia, Music Theatre International Blog

You could, of course, do Catch Me If You Can the way it was done on Broadway. Read more>

24 Hours with a Broadway Actress

As told to Blake Ellis, CNN Money

Life as a Broadway actress is never dull. Ali Ewoldt's days consist of voice lessons, auditions, rehearsals, performances, and the anxiety of not knowing when she'll land her next role. Read more>

Review: 'Catch Me' Charming, Mad-Dashing Fun

Bob Curtright, Wichita Eagle

The real surprise about the breezy caper musical, “Catch Me If You Can,” is that underneath all the giddy, gaudy, mad-dashing fun, there’s a charming and touching love story between a brash young conman always one step ahead of the law and a grizzled FBI agent obsessed with bringing him to justice. Read more>

It’s back to the ’60s in MTW’s ‘Catch Me If You Can’

Bob Curtright, Wichita Eagle

For Music Theatre Wichita’s Wayne Bryan, the Wichita premiere this week of “Catch Me If You Can – The Musical” represents a nostalgic trip to the 1960s that he grew up in. “I like the show enormously,” said Bryan, the group’s producing artistic director, who is personally directing this 2011 Tony Award nominee for best musical. Read more>

Review: Music Theatre Wichita's "Joseph" is bright and lively

Bob Curtright, Wichita Eagle

With his blond curly hair and his Scandinavian complexion, Ian Patrick Gibb may not seem to fit the image of a desert-baked Old Testament Israelite hero. But, boy, does he have the rock star voice to power himself into the heart and soul of Music Theatre Wichita’s “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” Read more>

Review: There’s always a place for "West Side Story"

Bob Curtright, Wichita Eagle

You can tell that Music Theatre Wichita’s newest revival of “West Side Story” is a winner because of the number of goose-bump moments throughout the show... Read more>

Cast, crew members have "West Side" history

Bob Curtright, Wichita Eagle

The bloodlines from Music Theatre Wichita’s revival of “West Side Story,” which opens Wednesday, can be traced directly back to the 1957 Broadway original. Read more>

Review: Moving story, glorious music: “South Pacific” shines

Bob Curtright, Wichita Eagle

If you know Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “South Pacific” only as a movie, then, boy, does Music Theatre Wichita have a pleasant surprise for you. Read more>

South Pacific - Music Theatre Wichita

Aileen LeBlanc, KMUW

South Pacific is a story about the American military occupation of a pacific island during WWII. It is a love story and a story about prejudice. But must of all it is an enduring musical. Read more>

"South Pacific" will bring Bali Ha'i to Wichita stage

Bob Curtright, Wichita Eagle

Quite frankly, says Music Theatre Wichita’s Wayne Bryan, the reason “South Pacific” hasn’t been staged by his group in 19 years is that it “got the reputation of being dated.” Read more>

Music Theatre Unveils New Name, Logo

Josh Heck, Wichita Business Journal

Music Theater of Wichita is changing its name and logo. The organization will now be known as Music Theatre Wichita. Wayne Bryan, MT Wichita’s producing artistic director, unveiled the changes during a news conference Thursday morning at Century II. Read more>

Passion, Prejudice and South Pacific: An Interview With Director Steven C. Smith

Aileen LeBlanc, KMUW

In 1949, post-war audiences saw a musical that was breathtaking in its scope. Soon after, the show’s songs burst onto the hit parade. Read more>

Stars of tomorrow: Jester Awards recognize young performers

Bob Curtright, Wichita Eagle

The Jester Awards are tailor-made for Wichita kids like Timothy TV Cao, Stevie Ann Mack, Faith Northcutt and Edward Sturm. Launched in 2002 through the efforts of Belden Mills, longtime board member of Music Theatre of Wichita, the awards recognize and encourage talented youngsters in Wichita and south central Kansas, says Angela Trotter. Read more>

Music Theatre of Wichita's off-shoot rental business is quietly thriving

Josh Heck, Wichita Business Journal

Music Theatre has a thriving business that you probably didn’t know existed. It’s one that focuses on reusing sets, costumes and props and leasing them out to other organizations to use with their productions. Read more>

MTWichita's 'Mary Poppins' brings out the kid in all of us

Bob Curtright, The Wichita Eagle

“Mary Poppins: The Broadway Musical” is a big, bright, bouncy surprise that blends the breezy magic of the 1964 Disney film with the darker, more dramatic tones of the original P.L. Travers books about a turn-of-the-century family in dire need of a “practically perfect” nanny. Read more>

BETTY BLUE EYES’ U.S. Premiere in At Music Theatre of Wichita

Peter Filichia, New York-based theater critic

“I can give my subscribers one maverick show a season,” says Music Theatre of Wichita producing artistic director Wayne Bryan. Read more>

MTWichita's 'Betty Blue Eyes' a witty, laugh-out-loud farce

Bob Curtright, Wichita Eagle

Music Theatre of Wichita went whole hog for the American premiere of "Betty Blue Eyes," a rollicking new British musical about rekindling the spark in a waning marriage, letting some underdogs have their well-deserved day and introducing us to the lovable porker whose blue-eyed presence makes it all possible. Read more>