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Teen Choir

In 2003, Music Theatre Wichita established a new performing group for teenagers with its own musical director and choreographer – the group was an immediate success! Beginning with the 2014 season, the Trust Company of Kansas lends support to this group of talented young performers. The troupe has now grown into a choir of more than 100 teenagers, exploring different aspects of the musical theatre repertoire each summer season. The group learns music and staging for five different presentations, and performs more than 35 concerts during the summer. Each performance night during the summer, a vast majority of MTWichita audiences arrive early to enjoy the Teen Choir! Most importantly, the Teen Choir has become a strong and supportive network of young people who enjoy getting together to make music. In 2014, the Teen Choir was honored by Wichita's Arts Council for its outstanding work.

2018 Teen Choir Music!

The first three medleys, as well as the recordings, are posted below. The last two medleys of the season will be posted by June 1. Some of the medleys have different voice parts notated by an “x” note head. This indicates that the words should be spoken and not sung. The recording will play it back as a pitched note, but it will not be sung.

Please remember that it is your responsibility to print out the music and have it in a binder. You are to come to the first rehearsal with music learned and memorized. 

Choir #1: Sheet Music for Disco Medley 
Recordings of Disco Medley: Soprano  Alto  Tenor  Bass  All Parts
There will be a solo for the song Shining Star. This is played in each of the recordings. This solo can be any voice type.

Choir #2: Sheet Music for New York Medley 
Recording of New York Medley: Soprano  Alto  Tenor  Bass  All Parts
There will be women’s solos in the song “Diamonds.” This is only included in the soprano part, but can go to any woman. We will need a soprano “opera” sound for those solos. There will also be Reno’s solo available to any woman. It is included in both parts.

Choir #3: Sheet Music for Disney Medley           
Recordings of Disney Medley: Soprano  Alto  Tenor  Bass  All Parts

Choir #4: Sheet Music for Big Top Medley
Recordings of Big Top Medley: Soprano  Alto  Tenor  Bass  All Parts
There is a 2 bar solo, in both the soprano and alto parts. 

Choir #5: Coming soon! Will be posted by August 1.


2018 Teen Choir

A different configuration of the Teen Choir is assembled for each of the five productions. The Teen Choir list is can be found here.

Please email and let us know if you are planning to join us. Teen Choir rules and schedule for the summer can be found here; please read this section regarding the email to Josh.

Creative Team

Emily Sternfeld-Dunn (Teen Choir Musical Director)
Emily Sternfeld-Dunn (Teen Choir Musical Director)

Emily made her theatrical debut as Fern in Charlotte's Web at Trace Elementary in San Jose, CA. Since that first taste of the spotlight she has continued to perform, while helping others find their singing voice. Emily has been on faculty teaching voice at Southwestern College, Washington State University, and Wichita State University and maintains a private studio. Regionally Emily's students perform with Music Theatre Wichita, Wichita Grand Opera, Wichita Chorale, Crown Uptown, the Forum, and Roxy’s. Her students are nationally competitive, having won awards through KCATF and NATS. Emily has been featured as a soloist with the Mid-Columbia Symphony, Wichita Symphony Orchestra, Wichita Choral Society, Opera Kansas, Hartford Opera Theater, Connecticut Concert Opera, Idaho Washington Symphony, and the Palouse Choral Society. Emily holds music degrees from California State University-Hayward, Washington State University-Pullman, and the University of Hartford.

Joshua Larson (Teen Choir Staging Director)
Joshua Larson (Teen Choir Staging Director)

Joshua has choreographed for Wichita State University, Friends University, and at various high schools, studios, organizations, and theatres in and around the Wichita area, with his choreography earning him four Jester Awards. His choreographic and directing talents have been used at Music Theatre Wichita as the staging director for the Teen Choir (2006-present); director/choreographer of Festival of Broadway (2008-2010, 2014) and Curtain Up! (2013-present); and choreographer/adjudicator for the dance portion of MTWichita’s national audition tour (2013-present). Joshua received his undergraduate degree in dance performance from Oklahoma City University and his Master of Liberal Arts (with a Theatre Concentration) from Baker University. He has traveled the country evaluating national dance competitions including Starbound and The Elite Dance Cup. Performing credits include shows at Carnegie Hall, on the Holland America Line, and with the following groups: MTWichita, Stiletto Entertainment, Tuacahn, Silver Tree Productions, Oklahoma City University, Windwood Theatricals, and The American Spirit Dance Company.