2019 Audition Updates (Updated 3.19.19)

 “… Point me toward tomorrow …”

Thanks to the gifted performers who auditioned for us this year, our audiences can look forward to outstanding talent being showcased all summer. Beyond our coming season, the future of the American musical theatre looks very bright, indeed. Such talented and dedicated young people! Such wonderful training programs!

In New York, during our final week of 2019 auditions, we saw 358 performers, adding to an impressive roster of 140 artists previously seen in Oklahoma City, 146 in Wichita, 53 in Ann Arbor, and 187 in Chicago, plus the 205 Wichita teens and children last month.

The main factors driving the casting of the 2019 resident company are:
1) the specific physical, ethnic, and height descriptions of the characters in A Chorus Line;
2) the advanced ballet skills needed for An American in Paris;
3) the smaller cast size of Chicago
4) the desire for ethnic authenticity with In the Heights.

We were not able to hire some of our favorite alumni this year, simply because the requirements of the shows are so specific. We hope our dear alumni will understand, and will know they remain part of this family, no matter what happens from year to year.

Auditions are now concluded and we are beginning to make offers. All casting should be finalized by early April.

At the present time, the lists below reflect the names of artists in whom we are most interested for our resident singing-dancing non-Equity company. The first list includes folks who are receiving offers for multiple-show assignments in the current season. The second list indicates artists who are still being seriously considered for the season, or partial season, or individual shows.

These lists do not include artists who might be guest artists for specific shows.

Thanks again!


Wayne Bryan                       Nancy ReevesJoshua Larson
Producing Artistic DirectorProducing AssociateChoreographer


Lists as of 3.19.19

Offers are being made for a multi-show season (including certain roles):

Maya Alwan
Gabriella Enriquez (including Diana Morales and Vanessa)
Joelle Gill
Maura Gill
Megan Goodlett
Abby Kress
Lena Owens
Liza Piccoli
Katie Pohlman
Larkin Reilly (including Val)
Jeanne Schwenck
Cecilia Trippiedi

Paul Amrani
Alex Aponte (including Sonny)
Nicholas Davis
Michael Dikegoros
Anthony Giandiletti
Crawford Horton
Will Jewett
Joshua Keen (including Rolf)
Devon McCleskey
Preston Perez (including Paul)
Justin Showell (including Richie)
Drew Tanabe
Ethan Zeph

Also considered for the season, or partial season, or individual shows:

Karen Blackmon (Sound of Music)
Kalene Blanton
Valeria Ceballos
McKenna Meeks
Holly O'Neal
Camila Paquet (as Nina)
Molly Seybert
Krystin Skidmore (Sound of Music)
Kyra Smith
Carter Tholl (Sound of Music)
Lauren Voigt
Katja Rivera Yanko

Chris Clark
Aidan DeWitt
Simón Gómez
Jeremy Hurr
Kuppi Jessop
Mason Reeves