Spotlight Society


Thank you for joining Music Theatre Wichita's brand new Spotlight Society! We are excited to share what we've been creating, especially for you! We are working with energy and passion to create a variety of programming we think you will very much enjoy.

Logistics: For online content, we'll send you a password and a link to view content. This content is for you/your household only, so please do not forward or share passwords with friends. You may access our video archives from the sidebar. Most videos will need a password. Videos are accessed via web browser and you will need to follow the steps below to stream them on your tv.

Summer: Throughout what would have been our season, we plan to deliver quite a bit of online content. Much of it will be exclusive for you, and some concerts will also have a single ticket purchase option for non-members. Confirmed events include:

  • Wayne's Movie Club (sponsored by Davis-Moore Auto Group): Ten Turner Classic Movie-style commentaries from Wayne paired with his chosen movies. The most updated information is available here
  • Special interviews including MTW from the Pit, a series in which Associate Artistic Director Brian Marcum interviews MTWichita orchestra musicians.
  • Alumni concerts including featured performances two former company members who have become exemplary leading ladies: Hamilton star Erin Clemons (MTWichita's Hunchback of Notre DameJesus Christ Superstar) and Lindsey Bliven (Mary Poppins national tour, Jekyll and Hyde international tour, as well as our wonderful Mary Poppins from 2013). 
  • Many more video features and some "live" online events - stay tuned!

Fall and Winter: 

  • Our MTWichita Online Academy will kick off with a class we believe will be of great interest to all of you. Wayne will teach a series of 12 classes, in-depth explorations of different aspects of the rich legacy of the American Musical Theatre. This class is sponsored by INTRUST Bank and promises to be great fun.  
    • Associate Artistic Director Brian Marcum will bring several of his creative ideas to life as part of MTWichita Online Academy. Our Director of Production Mitch Southerland is also formulating a class designed to help teachers who lead the efforts for their school's musical. (And teacher or no, this will provide lots of interesting content for many of you!) 
  • Our hope is that we may be able to have safely distanced in-person events as we head into the winter. We'll be watching closely! 

How to watch on your TV with the Vimeo app

If you are interested in streaming our videos to your Smart TV, you can do so by adding videos your Watch Later list in Vimeo using your laptop, phone, or tablet. Follow the steps below:

Step 1
Set up a free Vimeo account at

Step 2
On your computer or laptop, log in to your account.
Open one of the Spotlight Society videos, enter the password.
On the top right corner of the video, click the Clock Icon to Add To Watch Later list.
Repeat this for each video, adding each video to your Watch Later List.
You only need to do this step once per video.

Step 3
On your Smart TV or Apple TV or other streaming device, load up your Vimeo App.
Sign in to your free account.
Access your private videos from the Watch Later list.
You’ll still need to enter the password for each video.

How to watch on your TV wirelessly

There are several ways to wirelessly cast your screen to a TV, and many different brands offer different ways to achieve this. Below there is advice on how to use some of the more popular methods. Please note you may also need to refer to instructions specific to your own device if it is not included here.

If you have a wifi-enabled TV, and it is on the same wifi network as the computer, tablet or smartphone you are streaming with, it is likely you will be able to connect the two wirelessly. You can use in-built software such as Airplay for Apple devices, or if you are using Google Chrome, you can cast directly from the browser. You can also use a special casting device such as Google’s Chromecast or Amazon’s Firestick.

Apple Macbooks, iPhones and iPads can use Apple’s Airplay to cast to compatible TVs. Selecting the Airplay icon on your device will show you which TVs are available on your network to cast to. Read Apple’s instructions here on how to use Airplay.

Meanwhile, most Android devices tend to use Google’s Chromecast for screen sharing. Selecting the cast option in your Google Chrome browser will reveal compatible TVs on your network to cast to. If you have a Chromecast dongle, which connects to your TV via its HDMI port, you can also cast directly to this, using it instead of a HDMI cable.

Similar to Chromecast is the Amazon TV Firestick. This is a casting device that also plugs into your TV’s HDMI port. Once connected, set your TV to the correct channel, and then cast to the TV Firestick via an app on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Some wifi-enabled TVs have their own in-built internet browser. If your TV is supported, you may be able to access your Spotlight Society Videos via its browser. Enter the web address and once on the site, log into your account to watch content there as you would on any other browser. It may be time consuming to input text using your TV’s remote control and you will need to type in the password for each video as well.

For further advice on connecting wirelessly via branded TVs, follow the links below that are relevant to your TV for more detailed instructions:

How to connect to your TV with an HDMI cable

Spotlight Society Videos must be watched via an internet browser. If you would like to watch it on your TV, but your TV does not have a browser installed, you will have to instead watch it using the internet browser on another device (a desktop or laptop computer, mobile or tablet). One universal feature on most TVs is their HDMI socket, and in most cases, you can connect your devices to your TV using an HDMI cable.

Usually, HDMI ports are found at the back of your TV. Attach your HDMI cable to this socket, and plug the other end into the device you intend to stream with. You will need to make sure you have the right cable for your TV and devices, and if you are using a mobile or tablet, you might need an adaptor also.

Now that you have connected your cable, you may need to change your TV’s input settings. Use your remote control to find the source menu, and select the channel associated with the socket your cable is plugged into. You may also need to change the sound settings on your device to ensure it is using the TV to project the sound.

Now that you have connected your cable and selected the correct channel, use your device to load the Vimeo video you want to view on the TV.