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Tips for Successful Auditions

Your audition will be the most successful if:

You have properly prepared music

  • Be sure that all copies include the full music score. (You may need to reduce the copy to 94% in order to include the full piano accompaniment.)
  • The photocopies should look like the original. Do not use anything but white paper and be sure that the exposure is not too dark or too light.
  • Pages should be double-sided. A two-page excerpt should be presented without the need to turn the page. Do not use loose sheets of paper which may blow off a music rack. Instead, place sheet music into a three-ring binder (if plastic sheet covers are used, it should be the non-glare variety) or affix songs onto stiff cardstock and tape together accordion-style.
  • Be sure to have your music in the key you intend to sing it. Do not ask the pianist to transpose the music.
  • Make clear marks regarding tempo, cuts, repeats, etc.
    • An introduction or bell tone should be indicated.
    • If multiple cuts are needed for your excerpt, consider cutting and pasting sections on a plain piece of paper, then making a photocopy of the page. (If you do this, be sure that clefs and key signatures line up.)
    • Make certain that the title is written at the top of your first page of music (if you are beginning midway through a piece, write the title on the top of that page).
    • Use standard markings to indicate cuts. Brackets can be used and an arrow pointing to the next material may be useful.
    • See tips from associate music director and audition pianist Chuck Koslowske HERE.

You have chosen appropriate sections of songs

  • An ideal song is about 90 seconds long. Anything over two minutes is too long.
  • Although we hope you have at least two contrasting pieces prepared, we may only have time to hear one.

You give attention to preparing photos and résumés

  • Photos should be attached to résumés with staples or a glue stick. (Paperclips fall off when photos are stacked)
  • If your photo is not imprinted with your name, be sure your name is written on the back in case it gets separated from your résumé.
  • If you are using a standard 8” x 10” photo, your résumé should be cut to the same size.
  • Résumés should always list contact information—specifically an email address and/or phone number. It is sometimes wise to have an email address that you use specifically for professional purposes, rather than the one you use for personal communication.
  • Please bring your picture and résumé to the audition, even if you have already submitted them electronically or via mail.
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