Intern with MTWichita

Music Theatre Wichita provides internship opportunities for Production, Administrative and Education positions. Our interns find themselves immersed in the operations of non-profit theatre with a variety of duties. Learn more about each intern program below.

Production Interns

Music Theatre Wichita’s Production Internships are designed to equip young technicians with skills related to the particular department in which they are interested. A technical intern works in-depth with professional staff, strengthening his or her craft and becoming a more knowledgeable and safe technician. Entrance into the Intern Program is determined by recommendations and placement by the Director of Production. Strong consideration is given to those who have participated in our Apprentice Program. Thanks to funding from the Koch Family Foundation and individual donors, participants in the technical theatre intern program are paid a weekly salary, starting at $275.

To apply for an Music Theatre Wichita Production Internship, please complete the general Technical Positions application and check the Internship box found on the Technical Positions Application form.

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Administrative Intern

Music Theatre Wichita’s Administrative Intern for the summer season performs critical functions of a non-profit during a fast-paced summer season.  It is expected that an intern will have a well-developed understanding of a not-for-profit theater and how it functions at the end of the internship. The intern will be very involved with special event production, as well as donor and patron relations.  Prospective interns should be detail-oriented and committed to learning about the day-to-day workings of a theatre.

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Education Intern

Music Theatre Wichita’ Education Intern cultivates interest and talent in the Performing Art’s with young people in the Wichita area.  The intern will have the opportunity to assist in developing, creating, and expanding the reach of MTWichita’s education plan while earning a $200 weekly stipend.  Prospective interns should be detail-oriented and efficient communicators with colleagues and parents of participants.  In order to apply, applicants must be at least 18 years of age and a high school graduate.

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