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The Little Mermaid, 2011

Roles for the 2018 Summer Season

Each production this summer will feature guest artists in leading roles who are members of Actors’ Equity Association, and most of whom are veterans of Broadway shows.

Each production will also feature professional performers who are part of our resident non-union company, and these actors will be utilized in supporting, featured, and leading roles. Young artists with Midwestern connections are particularly favored in hiring for the resident company, in accordance with MTWichita’s original mission statement.

For the 2018 season, the talents we seek will vary greatly from show to show. Sister Act has few men’s roles, and we will be looking for a wide range of ages and “types” as we cast the nuns’ ensemble. Guys and Dolls features a variety of character roles, particularly for men, plus 8-10 dancer-singer roles for women and 8-10 for men. Freaky Friday features seven leading characters, four versatile adult actors, and a teenaged ensemble. Pippin requires a smallish cast, with gymnastic and circus tricks particularly welcome. The Little Mermaid has several leading roles, plus 6-10 singer-dancer tracks for women and the same for men.

In the list below, all major characters are listed, including those played by members of the ensemble. Any underlined character name indicates a role that will probably be played by a Guest Artist. An asterisk by a character's name * indicates the role has already been offered to a performer, although it is very common that artists' availabilities may change before summer arrives.

Brief dialogue sides and/or music for certain characters are listed below, and will be indicated with [Sides]. Please click for link to material. Only select auditioning artists will be asked to read sides at the audition, but scenes and songs are provided here to help artists get to know the characters and to prepare for their auditions. If you have challenges viewing sides on your iPhone, try opening them in iBooks.

Thomas W. Douglas is once again the musical director/conductor for all five shows.

We actively seek ethnic diversity in casting the entire season.


Rehearsals start June 4, plays June 13-17. Mark Madama, director; Robert Hartwell, choreographer.
Thomas W. Douglas is once again the musical director/conductor for all five shows.


DELORIS VAN CARTIER - Dynamic and appealing African-American actor-singer-dancer (20’s-30’s), with strong pop/ belt/mezzo voice and strong comedic instincts. Deloris travels entertainingly from disco diva to soul-stirring gospel performer, capable of great warmth with her fellow “nuns.” (Low Eb to Gb5) 
MOTHER SUPERIOR* - Mature, witty, edgy, but ultimately warm maternal figure, in charge of a struggling congregation. Legitimate mezzo-soprano voice (low D3 to E5), and an equally strong actress. 
MONSIGNOR O'HARA*- Priest counterpart and sparring partner to Mother Superior. Fine actor with legitimate baritone (Low E3 to G4).
CURTIS JACKSON - Gangster ex-boyfriend of Deloris, capable of some charm but a corrupt and dangerous menace. Usually cast African-American, a Barry White-style bass-baritone voice is helpful (Low G#2 up to Ab4). 
EDDIE SOUTHER - Good-guy cop, attracted to Deloris since high school, an appealing actor and pop singer (Low G#2 up to B4). 

Other nun and gangster roles to be cast from the resident company and local artists.

Curtis’ three thuggish henchmen (all good pop singer-mover-comics):
TJ - Curtis’ nephew, constantly in a state of ignorant bliss. (Low Db3 to Eb5)
JOEY - Believes himself to be quite a ladies’ man. (Low F3 to B4)
PABLO - A natural follower, speaks frequently in Spanish. (Low C4 to F5)

Featured nuns are:
SISTER MARY ROBERT - A postulant, abandoned as a baby and raised at the convent. Shy and soft-spoken, but singing with Deloris allows her to reveal an excellent pop belt voice (Low F#3 to A5) in “The Life I Never Led.”
SISTER MARY PATRICK - Consistently perky, enthusiastic, easily excitable.
SISTER MARY LAZARUS - Head of the choir. Rather deadpan and the least welcoming of any of the nuns, but she gets caught up in Deloris's soul music. (Low F3 to B4)
SISTER MARY MARTIN-OF-TOURS - Lives in her own world, but has moments of clarity.
SISTER MARY THERESA - The oldest of the group. Decrepit at a glance, but secretly packs a punch.


Rehearsals start June 18, plays June 27-July 1. Mark Madama, director; Mara Newberry Greer, choreographer. 


SARAH BROWN* - A strong-willed, highly principled Salvation Army sergeant, still capable of romantic vulnerability. Soprano / mix, with strong acting skills. (Low B3 to G5)
SKY MASTERSON* - Charming gambler, a ladies’ man but not a chauvinist. Strong baritone (low B2 to E4), with charisma and some movement skills. 
MISS ADELAIDE* - Adorable star of the Hot Box night club, longsuffering “fiancée” to gambler Nathan Detroit. A charming comedienne with personality voice (Low A3 to E5).
NATHAN DETROIT* - Energetic hustler, longtime organizer of floating crap game, in love with Adelaide but reluctant to make a commitment. An excellent comic with flavorful baritone voice (low D3 to F4) and an engaging presence.
NICELY-NICELY JOHNSON - Robust comic sidekick, with aggressively cheerful personality, excellent comedic instincts, and a dazzling tenor voice (low D3 to B4).

Other roles to be cast from the resident company and local artists.
ARVIDE ABERNATHY - Sarah’s loving grandfather or uncle, wise, sweet. (Low D4 to F5)
LT. BRANNIGAN - No-nonsense New York police office, set on catching Nathan. (No singing)
GENERAL CARTWRIGHT - imposing woman, commander of the Save-a-Soul-Mission. In some productions, a surprise soloist in “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat” playoff.

Other gamblers:
BENNY SOUTHSTREET - Nathan’s right hand man, smart, slick (Low D4 to G5)
HARRY THE HORSE - a tough guy who brings Big Jule to the crap game. (Low F3 to G5)
BIG JULE - Tough looking oaf, a bit of a bully.
RUSTY CHARLIE - (sings in opening “Fugue for Tinhorns” with Nicely-Nicely and Benny)

HOT BOX GIRLS (usually six) back up Miss Adelaide in her nightclub numbers


Rehearsals start July 2, plays July 11-15. Wayne Bryan, director; Brian J. Marcum, choreographer.


KATHERINE BLAKE* - Single mom (40) raising a teenage daughter while trying to establish her own catering business. Superb belt/mix/pop singing voice and excellent comic instincts required. Due to magical plot twists, she spends much of the show as her own teenage daughter, who has inhabited her body.
ELLIE BLAKE - 16-year-old high school student, with all the issues typical of an evolving teen. Amazing pop/belt voice and strong acting abilities, able to suggest the personality of her own mother, who has inhabited her body. Good mover. 

Other roles to be cast from the resident company and local artists.
FLETCHER - Ellie’s ten-year-old brother
MIKE - Katherine’s very understanding fiancé, baritone
ADAM - teen heartthrob, leader of the big Scavenger Hunt, smooth pop tenor
SAVANNAH SWEETZER - self-centered high schooler, a mean queen bee at the school
TORREY - Katherine’s frequently overshadowed second-in-command at catering
HANNAH AND GRETCHEN - Ellie’s two best friends

Various adults (all played by four actors in the original production):
DR. EHRIN - School counselor
MR. BLUMEN - Biology teacher
SENOR O'BRIEN - Spanish teacher
MRS. LUCKENBILL - Literature teacher
MS. MEYERS - Gym teacher
MRS. TIME - antique store owner


Rehearsals start July 16, plays July 25-29. Al Blackstone, director/choreographer; Wayne Bryan, assistant director.


LEADING PLAYER – Dynamic female ringleader for a colorful and sometimes sinister circus of humanity. Dazzling singer-dancer with pop/belt voice and charismatic movement skills, preferably an artist of color. Acrobatic or gymnastic flexibility will not be unwelcome. A performer capable of keeping our audience riveted throughout the show, and a clear, interesting storyteller.
PIPPIN* - Appealing young performer (20s-early 30s) with excellent movement skills and a terrific pop tenor voice (low G2 to Ab4). A young man on a quest to find meaning in his life, he takes on many challenges, which involve both vocal and physical skills.
KING CHARLEMAGNE* - Pippin’s world-weary, pompous, sometimes dangerous father. A character actor (40s-50s) with a strong baritone voice (low G2 to E4), able to deliver a rapid patter song with clarity and humor.
CATHERINE - A widow (20s-30s) who befriends Pippin and ultimately becomes his partner. She should have an appealing uniqueness, with attractive belt voice (low F#3 to Db5).
FASTRADA – Sexy singer-dancer-comedienne with persuasive belt/mezzo voice (middle C up to F5), and a dynamite figure. Pippin’s evil stepmother, she is focused on getting her own son to the throne.
BERTHE*– Mature woman who portrays Pippin’s grandmother, although she needs only be mature enough to convey warmth and authority, with fun belt voice (low E3 to E4) and the ability to fearlessly perform a trapeze act in the middle of her musical number.  

Other roles to be cast from the resident company and local artists.
LEWIS - Pippin’s good-looking, self-absorbed half-brother
THEO - Catherine’s young son (age 8-11)


Rehearsals start July 30, plays August 8-18 (two-week run). Linda Goodrich, director/ choreographer.


ARIEL - Charming title character (20s), possessed of a truly beautiful singing voice (low G#2 to Gb5) and an endearing personality. Humor, warmth, and an excellent figure are all needed, along with strong movement skills.
ERIC - Handsome and likeable prince (20s-early 30s), strong but vulnerable, a fine mover, and a wonderful singer (bari-tenor, from low B2 to G4).   
SEBASTIAN - Delightful Caribbean “crab,” Ariel’s confidant and guardian. An effortless Jamaican accent should be complemented with a stunning pop tenor voice (low A#2 to high C5), a good sense of humor, and superb movement skills.
KING TRITON - Ariel’s regal father, struggling to understand her but sometimes prone to temperamental outbursts.  A strong baritone (low G#2 to F4), he should be comfortable appearing bare-chested.
URSULA* – Villainous sea-witch squid. Commanding comic character woman with spectacular, wide-ranging voice (low D#3 to C5) and good movement skills.
SCUTTLE - Cheerful, slightly confused seagull sidekick, an appealing character singer and dancer. His tenor voice (low C3 to G4) and dance skills are featured in Act II production number “Positoovity.”

Other roles to be cast from the resident company and local artists.
FLOUNDER - Ariel’s companion, boy or girl, age 8-12, pop-belt singer
GRIMSBY* - Eric’s guardian and companion, droll and stuffy but well-meaning
FLOTSAM AND JETSAM - Ursula’s two eel lackeys; lanky, funny, good movers
CHEF LOUIS - French palace chef, volatile and violent. (Low Bb2 to A4)
SHIP'S PILOT - bass-baritone, preferably

2018 Season Artistic Staff

Wayne Bryan, Producing Artistic Director
Nancy Reeves, Producing Associate/Company Manager
Thomas W. Douglas, Musical Director/Conductor
Mitch Southerland, Production Manager
Mary Sue Dymak, Rentals & Inventory Director
Deborah Roberts, Costume Shop Manager
Joshua Larson, Teen Choir Staging Director
Emily Sternfeld-Dunn, Teen Choir Musical Director
David Neville, Lighting Designer
David Muehl, Sound Designer