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Pippin, MTWichita 2018

Roles for the 2019 Summer Season

Each production this summer will feature guest artists in leading roles who are members of Actors’ Equity Association, and most of whom are veterans of Broadway shows.

Each production will also feature professional performers who are part of our resident non-union company, and these actors will be utilized in supporting, featured, and leading roles. Young artists with Midwestern connections are particularly favored in hiring for the resident company, in accordance with MTWichita’s original mission statement.

In the list below, all major characters are listed, including those played by members of the ensemble. Any underlined character name indicates a role that will probably be played by a Guest Artist. An asterisk by a character's name * indicates the role has already been offered to a performer, although it is very common that artists' availabilities may change before summer arrives.

Brief dialogue sides and/or music for certain characters will be posted below soon, and will be indicated with [Sides]. Please click for link to material. Only select auditioning artists will be asked to read sides at the audition, but scenes and songs are provided here to help artists get to know the characters and to prepare for their auditions. If you have challenges viewing sides on your iPhone, try opening them in iBooks.

Thomas W. Douglas is once again the musical director/conductor for all five shows.

With the exception of In the Heights, which will be cast with ethnic specificity, we actively seek racial and ethnic diversity in casting the season.


Rehearsals start June 3, plays June 12-16. Wayne Bryan, director. TBA, choreographer.
Thomas W. Douglas is once again the musical director/conductor for all five shows.


MARIA RAINER - Fresh-faced actress with luminous presence, extraordinary singing voice, and wide acting range, goes from novice postulant to family matriarch. (Low C4 up to B5)
CAPTAIN GEORG VON TRAPP - Charismatic and appealing leading man, who can initially appear distant and commanding, and ultimately romantic and supportive. Baritone (Low F#2/Gb2 up to D5). Guitar skills a plus.
THE MOTHER ABBESS* -  Classical soprano / mezzo-soprano with commanding presence and warm humor. (Low B3 up to G#5 / Ab5)
BARONESS ELSA SCHRÄDER - Attractive and sophisticated “other woman.” (Low D4 up to F5).
MAX DETWEILER* - Comedic entrepreneur, a show biz impresario, fun mover. (Low D3 up to F4).

(Other roles to be cast from the resident company and local artists.)


Rehearsals start June 17, plays June 26-30. Jeffry Denman, director/choreographer. 


JERRY MULLIGAN* - A dynamic and athletic dancer (in Gene Kelly mode), skillful singer (baritenor), charming leading man.
LISE DASSIN - Dazzling and stylistically accomplished ballet dancer, comfortable with French accent, charming singer (soprano/mezzo/belt).
MILO DAVENPORT - Mature and alluring arts patron, romantic rival for Jerry. A stylish and enjoyable singer (mezzo/belt) and a fine mover or dancer. Sophisticated humor.
ADAM HOCHBERG - Surrogate for George Gershwin in story, should convincingly appear to play piano; Jewish, with a warm and sympathetic presence. Walks with limp, but does move / dance in dream sequence. Sings with pleasing baritenor voice.
HENRI BAUREL - Would-be cabaret entertainer from upper class family. Engaged to Lise but secretly gay. Sings with exciting baritenor voice, dances in “Stairway to Paradise.” Likeable aristocrat.

(Other roles to be cast from the resident company and local artists.)


Rehearsals start July 1, plays July 10-14. Brian J. Marcum, director/choreographer.


Most roles will be cast from the company, but guest artist roles may include:

ZACH* - Intensely driven director-choreographer, formerly lover to Cassie.
CASSIE - Powerful dancer and singer (soprano/belt, from low B3 to high F5). A featured Broadway performer now in her 30s, attempting to re-start her career. Zach’s former lover.
SHEILA BRYANT - Jaded chorine, highly skilled dancer, a smart, caustic singer (alto, from low E3 to high A4). Her dry humor masks a lifetime of insecurity.
PAUL SAN MARCO - Sweet-natured dancer of Latin (Puerto Rican) heritage, baritone, and a fine actor, capable of delivering a long and very personal monologue about coming out as gay.
DIANA MORALES - Dynamic and likeable dancer of Latin (Puerto Rican) heritage, with fun sense of humor and memorable singing voice (low G3 up to C5, for “Nothing,” “What I Did for Love”).
VAL CLARK - A candid dancer who proudly displays her surgically enhanced figure. Despite her foul-mouthed humor (“Tits and Ass”), she is likeable and sympathetic. Belter (low A3, high C5).
CONNIE WONG - A petite Asian dancer-singer of indeterminate age, with great perspective on show business and her own place in it. Alto.
GREGORY GARDNER - A witty and urbane dancer, unapologetic about being gay and possessed of a strong sense of style. Baritone.


Rehearsals start July 15, plays July 24-28. Brian J. Marcum, director/choreographer.


ROXIE HART* - Murderous jazz baby with strong song-and-dance skills. Likeable, despite her conniving nature. (Mezzo / belter, from low F3 to high B4)
VELMA KELLY* - An even more jaded jazz-age killer, with tremendous dance skills and charisma. Character alto / belter (from low E3 up to high D5).
BILLY FLYNN* - Skillful, charming, and heartless lawyer who knows how to manipulate the judicial system. Baritenor (from low A#2/Bb2 up to G4), and a stylish mover.
MATRON "MAMA" MORTON* - Sassy and commanding authority figure, keeper of the jail and a looming presence. Impactful singer with sly humor and strong presence. (Low F#3 up to Bb4).
MARY SUNSHINE - Overzealous society newspaper columnist, who sings soprano in an operatic style, but is played by a male actor. Stylish comic sense, high countertenor/soprano voice (from low A#3Bb3 up to stratospheric high notes A#/Bb3).  

(Other roles to be cast from the resident company and local artists.)


Rehearsals start July 29, plays August 7-11. Carlos Mendoza, director/choreographer. Laurie Marie Muñiz, associate choreographer.


USNAVI DE LA VEGA* - Latino owner of De La Vega Bodega; charismatic actor, fine singer comfortable with rap, hip-hop, and legit, and fun mover. 20s-30s.
NINA ROSARIO - Latina freshman at Stanford University; strong alto/belt pop singer, fine mover, especially in contemporary Latin dance styles.
BENNY - Handsome African-American employee of Nina’s parents, love interest for Nina. Wonderful pop bari-tenor, fine dancer, appealing presence.  
VANESSA - Sexy and appealing beauty salon worker, Usnavi’s love interest. 20s-30s. Strong alto/belt pop singer and a charismatic dancer. Likeable and attractive Latina.
“ABUELA” CLAUDIA - Latina matriarch of community, raised Usnavi although not really his grandmother. Strong presence and powerful singing voice. 
SONNY DE LA VEGA - Usnavi’s younger Latino cousin, funny and likeable. Fun singer/mover.
KEVIN ROSARIO - Nina’s hardworking Latino father, owner of Rosario’s Car Service. Baritone.
CAMILA ROSARIO* - Nina’s Latina mother, wise, strong-willed. Alto.

(Other roles to be cast from the resident company and local artists.)

2019 Season Artistic Staff

Wayne Bryan, Producing Artistic Director
Nancy Reeves, Producing Associate/Company Manager
Thomas W. Douglas, Musical Director/Conductor
Mitch Southerland, Production Manager
Mary Sue Dymak, Rentals & Inventory Director
Deborah Roberts, Costume Shop Manager
Joshua Larson, Teen Choir Staging Director
Emily Sternfeld-Dunn, Teen Choir Musical Director
David Neville, Lighting Designer
David Muehl, Sound Designer