2020 Holiday Special

2020 Holiday Special

The Music Theatre Wichita Holiday Special stars Brian J. Marcum, Injoy Fountain, Jennifer Marcum, Katie Banks, Roy Moye III, Carter Tholl, and Wayne Bryan, with special appearances by Karen L. Robu, Timothy W. Robu, William Flynn, Emily Sternfeld-Dunn, Walker Brown, Tanner Pflueger, Halston Strange, Rebecca Gans Reavis, and Rile Reavis. Filming and editing by Digital Brand.

There are several ways to wirelessly cast your screen to a TV, and many different brands offer different ways to achieve this. Below there is advice on how to use some of the more popular methods. Please note you may also need to refer to instructions specific to your own device if it is not included here.

If you have a wifi-enabled TV, and it is on the same wifi network as the computer, tablet or smartphone you are streaming with, it is likely you will be able to connect the two wirelessly. You can use in-built software such as Airplay for Apple devices, or if you are using Google Chrome, you can cast directly from the browser. You can also use a special casting device such as Google’s Chromecast or Amazon’s Firestick.

Apple Macbooks, iPhones and iPads can use Apple’s Airplay to cast to compatible TVs. Selecting the Airplay icon on your device will show you which TVs are available on your network to cast to. Read Apple’s instructions here on how to use Airplay.

Meanwhile, most Android devices tend to use Google’s Chromecast for screen sharing. Selecting the cast option in your Google Chrome browser will reveal compatible TVs on your network to cast to. If you have a Chromecast dongle, which connects to your TV via its HDMI port, you can also cast directly to this, using it instead of a HDMI cable.

Similar to Chromecast is the Amazon TV Firestick. This is a casting device that also plugs into your TV’s HDMI port. Once connected, set your TV to the correct channel, and then cast to the TV Firestick via an app on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

For further advice on connecting wirelessly via branded TVs, follow the links below that are relevant to your TV for more detailed instructions:

If you have a Smart TV (Roku, Apple TV, etc.) and are interested in streaming the Holiday Special, you can do so by playing the video from the Vimeo app on your Smart TV. Follow the steps below:

Step 1
Download the Vimeo app to your Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Roku. Do this by searching for “Vimeo” in the App store (“Streaming channels” on Roku).

Step 2
Open the Vimeo app and search for MTWichita.

Step 3
Select the Holiday Special and enjoy!

The Holiday Special must be watched via an internet browser. If you would like to watch it on your TV, but your TV does not have a browser installed, you will have to instead watch it using the internet browser on another device (a desktop or laptop computer, mobile or tablet). One universal feature on most TVs is their HDMI socket, and in most cases, you can connect your devices to your TV using an HDMI cable.

Usually, HDMI ports are found at the back of your TV. Attach your HDMI cable to this socket, and plug the other end into the device you intend to stream with. You will need to make sure you have the right cable for your TV and devices, and if you are using a mobile or tablet, you might need an adaptor also.

Now that you have connected your cable, you may need to change your TV’s input settings. Use your remote control to find the source menu, and select the channel associated with the socket your cable is plugged into. You may also need to change the sound settings on your device to ensure it is using the TV to project the sound.

Now that you have connected your cable and selected the correct channel, use your device to load the Vimeo video (Holiday Special) you want to view on the TV.

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