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The Music Man, MTWichita 2011

Volunteer Ushers

Music Theatre Wichita uses many seasonal volunteers who are willing to give time, energy, and enthusiasm as ushers or ticket takers. From the time the doors open until the last patron leaves, volunteer help is needed. Interested individuals must fill out an application. Click here to apply

The handbook for MTWichita ushers is available here: MTWichita Usher Handbook.

Golf Cart Drivers

Music Theatre Wichita seeks volunteers to assist with patron services by driving golf carts to shuttle patrons from the parking lots to the venue.

Requirements/Responsibilities include:

  • At least 18 years of age.
  • Ability to safely operate a moving vehicle. (We will be sharing the driveways/sideroads/streets with other vehicles so a quick reaction time is a must! You will also need to be able to see clearly in both daylight and darkness for our evening performances.)
  • Safely travel to the parking lots and pick up patron(s) that need assistance.
  • Transport patron(s) to the box office and drop off.
  • Return to the parking lot for the next patron(s).

If this sounds like something you might be interested in helping with, please apply here.

Jester Judges

Volunteers are also needed throughout the fall and spring to serve as judges for our Jester Program. Click here for more information about our Jesters program and becoming a Jester judge.

Guild Information

The Music Theatre Wichita Guild is a membership group of dedicated volunteers that has supported MTWichita since the organization began. Membership dues are $20 annually. Guild volunteers work behind-the-scenes to support MTWichita in the following ways: 

  • Auditions: Serving as greeters and proctors for local auditions
  • Costume Shop: Assisting with a variety of basic sewing for summer productions
  • Encore Table: Providing snacks and maintaining the table in the rehearsal hall for the cast and crew during rehearsal and show weeks
  • Office: Helping the office staff with various projects several times per year, including stuffing envelopes for large mailings
  • Sunday Night Cast Suppers: Serving suppers to approximately 150-180 cast members, orchestra, teen choir and other staff on the final Sunday of each production

The Guild has a spring luncheon to kick off the year and a fall luncheon to celebrate the end of another wonderful season of MTWichita productions. New members are welcome to join at any time during the year.

Interested individuals can contact the Music Theatre Wichita Guild membership chair.