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Newsies, MTWichita 2017

The rich legacy of the Musical Theatre owes much to the contributions of Americans of all backgrounds and races. Music Theatre Wichita specifically treasures its ongoing collaborations with black performers, musicians, technicians, directors, choreographers, and designers. We emphatically support and stand with our black friends, both artists and patrons, at this very difficult time.

There is a rich tradition of advocacy for social justice, in the arts and in musical theatre particularly. This week, we challenge you and ourselves to take steps beyond that of posting and sharing on social media platforms: work to further educate yourself on the systemic inequalities in our nation, write and call your leaders, donate to those who are making a difference, use what privilege you have for good.

In the musical theatre, we are problem-solvers and doers and community builders. Let's use what we have to make some changes. Black Lives Matter.

2020 Season (Updated 5.7.2020)

Greetings from the Music Theatre Wichita (home) offices!

As I believe you know, we’ve been reluctant to call off our entire summer season, hoping that the health crisis might be sufficiently diminished by July or August to allow us to proceed.

But now we want you to know we simply have no choice but to move the entire 2020 season ahead to 2021. In the current circumstances, even late summer will be too soon to have large gatherings of people in close quarters (and we usually have about 1900 people packed into the Concert Hall at each performance).

In addition to concerns we have for the audiences, our actors, technicians, musicians, and crew must all work in very close proximity to each other, in order to produce the kind of uplifting, magical shows that we are privileged to create each year. The concept of “social distancing” simply does not work with musical theatre.

Currently, our staff remains busily engaged in fundraising (our Curtain Up evening on May 29 is another completely re-imagined event), creating a wealth of original video programming for weekly social media presentations, and planning a number of events we hope to produce in the fall and spring, to “hold us over” until next year.

We are in the process of contacting all season ticket holders with their options. If you are a season ticket holder, you will receive either an email or a letter with detailed information.

We hope some of you were able to watch the 2020 Jester Awards which aired online last Sunday. We’ve been receiving high praise for the classy and fun manner in which we paid tribute to students and teachers this year, even though the awards ceremony had to be completely re-thought as an online event. If you’d like to see it, just click here. (There are some fun cameos from Broadway alumni, too.)

Your ongoing support and belief in our mission has allowed us to be confident and secure as we head into the future. We cannot tell you too often how much we appreciate this.

Century II

Please click here to view our public statements on Century II.