Rising Stars Youth Ensemble


The Academy at MTWichita Rising Stars Youth Ensemble



In 2003, Music Theatre Wichita created a new performing group for teenagers with the intent to cultivate local talent and create an environment for youth to grow artistically. The group became an instant sensation, and 2023 will mark the 20th anniversary of this awe-inspiring collection of performers. Since 2014, The Trust Company of Kansas has supported the Rising Stars Youth Ensemble (formerly known as Teen Choir) allowing hundreds of local teens to explore many facets of musical theatre. Each summer, the ensemble learns music and staging for 5 unique presentations and delivers over 35 concerts. In 2014 the ensemble was honored by Wichita’s Arts Council for outstanding work. The Trust Company of Kansas Rising Stars Youth Ensemble is a strong and supportive network of young people who enjoy coming together to make music and perform. Join us before a summer production performance and  experience a youth performance that’s definitely Broadway and uniquely Wichita.

2024 Members


Please follow this link RSYE Registration Form to confirm your participation in the Rising Stars Youth Ensemble, provide required information, and to let us know what performing opportunities you will be signing up for. This must be done before April 30.

Apryl Archibald
Violet Baker
Brooklyn Bobetsky
Drake Broadrick
Hannah Bullok
Taylin Cannaby
Whitney Carmichael
Kaitlyn Chang
Jack Christy
Kellen Clinton
Adelyn Colflesh
Jillian Davis
Jason Denning
EJ Diffendal
Emma Dugan
Elliot Dyer
Chloe Fedders
Lily Foster
Izel Franco-Mathur
Stephanie Garlick
Brooklyn Giefer
Sadie Hankins
Isabella Haude
Sophie Heck
Alise Heilman
Peyton Henderson
Marin Herring
Ronni Horn
Reggie Hunt
Maggie Jennings
Grace Jerke
Daniel Kinnane
Aubree Kupper
Goldie Lane
Elise Lansdown
Izzy Lehman
Kaitlyn Lemon
Cyleigh Lindsted
Sophie Marcum
Makenzie Marshall
Cassidy Martin
Karli May
Eavan McLeroth
Cyrus Morris
Lilliana Mullins
Malea Olsen
Jillian Parmley
Madilynn Pawloski
Taylor Price
Olivia Prue
Addi Rains
Kara Reida
Montana Roberts
Erin Rolfe
Lily Ryan
Sophia Santo
Rachel Schmidt
Abigail Skubitz
Skye Stauble
Clara Stover-Brown
Alexi Thorstenberg
Izzy Todd
Enzo Tsen
Marley Vest
Mia Webster
Caleb West
Ava Wiechman
Aailyah Williams

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