August 8-12, 2007

How terrific it was to finish our summer with this uplifting and hilarious show! It turned out to be one of the most screamingly funny shows we’ve ever done, and surprisingly moving, too.

Our own brand-new production was helmed quite brilliantly by Greg Graham, who worked with director Jack O’Brien and choreographer Jerry Mitchell on the original Broadway show. Our cast starred the incredible Blake Hammond re-creating his Broadway role as Edna. And we were just thrilled to feature talented MTW alumni in several of the leading roles, including the showstopping Annie Funke as Tracy, absolutely sweeping the audience up in her enthusiasm and charm. Other Broadway veterans included Ray DeMattis, absolutely charming as Wilbur, and Audrie Neenan (so funny in last year’s The Full Monty) playing a variety of roles. Guest stars also included handsome Todd DuBail as Corny Collins, delicious Christi Moore-Leslie as Velma, and powerhouse Altamiecé Ballard as Motormouth Maybelle. Other wonderful performances were turned in by Alex Stoll as Link, Deanna Glover as Penny, Robert Hartwell as Seaweed, and Stephanie Martignetti as Amber. The all-new sets and costumes, created by J Branson and Tiia Torchia, brought 1962 Baltimore to colorful and humorous life on our stage. Erin Kennedy Lunsford created outrageous hair styles, and musical director Thomas Wesley Douglas made the show rock!

Guest Stars

  • Altamiecí (Tami) Ballard as MOTORMOUTH MAYBELLE
  • Audrie Neenan as PRUDY / MATRON / TEACHER
  • Todd DuBail as CORNY COLLINS
  • Robert Hartwell as SEAWEED STUBBS
  • Melinda Wakefield Alberty as LITTLE INEZ
  • Tim Robu as MR. PINKY / PRINCIPAL / ETC
  • Ebony Blake, Betti O., Paige Williams as THE DYNAMITES

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